Hand Surgery

Do you have trouble from the hand, wrist or forearm?

Investigation, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the forearm and hand, is done at HandCenter Gothenburg. We handle private patients as well as through insurance companies or Landstingets health care guarantee.

For inquiries and booking of hand surgery:
info.goteborg@handcenter.se, tel +46 31 850 440.

Common diagnosis for treatment are:

  • Thumb base osteoarthritis, which causes pain from the base of the thumb
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome resulting in numbness and tingling in the fingers
  • Mb de Quervain / tenosynovitis giving pain from the wrist
  • Dupuytren’s contracture / ”Viking disease” which gives yield defects of the fingers
  • Ulnariscompression, resulting in numbness, tingling in little and-ring finger
  • Ganglion (wrists, fingers and the cuticle), which gives soft nodules
  • Triggerfinger, giving locked fingers
  • UCL damage which causes pain in the thumb grip
  • Tumors on the hand and forearm which is often seen in the form of nodules
  • Hand and forearm trauma that requires reconstruction