Hand disability certificate

Insurance companies usually want a hand disability certificate a year after an injury to the hand, wrist and/or forearm as a functional assessment of the hand. This includes a summary of the injury and of treatment, as well as the perceived discomfort in relation to work, leisure and housework. A survey is done focusing on range of motion, muscle function, sensory and force after which a summary and forecast is submitted to the insurance company. A copy of the certificate is sent simultaneously to the patient’s home address. Based on the certificate the insurance company decides on a specific disability percentage which is then linked to a financial compensation.

What to do if I want a certificate?

Contact your administrator at your insurance company and ask them to send a written request for the disability certificate to medical secretary at HandCenter Göteborg, mail address Annika.andersson@handcenter.se or tel: +46 31 850 448, weekdays 8 am to 4 pm.

You or your administrator will then need to request your journal from the current healthcare facility to your home address – bring it with you or get it sent to HandCenter before the certificate should be written.

You will receive a calling to the investigation that will take place at HandCenter Göteborg (Fabriksgatan 10, Gårda). The survey is conducted by a specialist in Hand Surgery and takes about 50 minutes. To more easily summarize the symptoms that you experience, you will, together with the notice, receive a form regarding your subjective complaints. Fill in this at home and bring the form along with your medical journal.

The certificate is paid by your insurance company. If photos is needed, you will arrange this yourself with your insurance company.